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For five months out of the year, Manchester has a cold-weather climate that gets snow, ice, and freezing rain that causes roads to be slippery. This area also has significantly heavy rainfall, particularly in the summer and spring, and during autumn leaves may cover the roadways and cause slippage. Therefore, the weather can have a major impact on the frequency of all vehicles on the road getting into an accident.

Basic visual awareness of conditions is the first warning sign of weather-related accidents. All drivers should be aware of their surroundings. For example, they should be on the lookout for ice when temperatures reach below freezing. Truck drivers may especially have difficulties handling their vehicles in poor weather because of their size. In general, larger vehicles have more trouble stopping quickly and are more susceptible to sliding. If you were in a Manchester truck accident involving bad weather, you should reach out to a semi-truck crash attorney with experience handling these cases.

Assigning Fault

In Manchester, inclement weather may impact the assignment of fault in truck accidents in several ways. First, if the trucker knew that bad weather was coming but failed to operate their vehicle at a lower rate of speed or to adjust their driving for the condition, a court may consider these actions as negligent. If there is an unexpected ice storm, the driver may not be negligent as long as they operated their vehicle safely.

Evidence and Damages

In an inclement weather truck accident, an injured person can get damages for their medical bills, property damage, for a rental car, lost wages, and any permanent injuries that they may have suffered. However, it is important to note that these damages may vary depending on the specifics of the case and the losses of the claimant.

To prove that bad weather conditions were a cause of a truck accident in Manchester after the condition has subsided, a lawyer may use witness statements and physical evidence. Additionally, they may have an accident reconstructionist examine the scene. An attorney also may use black boxes that may be available in cars or trucks, as they may have recorded what was going on in the vehicle at the time of the collision, such as speed, turn signals, and other factors.

Preventing Accidents Caused by Bad Weather

One precaution a Manchester trucker could take to prevent a weather-related accident is to be aware of their surroundings when operating their vehicle. If the road conditions are particularly dangerous, they should avoid roads that may be particularly hazardous. They also should notice the drivers around them and adjust any risky driving behaviors exhibited by other drivers, such as speeding.

Contact a Manchester Attorney to Discuss Weather-Related Truck Accidents

The initial steps that a person should take following an accident are ensuring that they are safe by seeking medical attention and contact the authorities. Once an individual takes care of any injuries they may have sustained, they should reach out to an attorney about the potential of filing a claim.

After a weather-related truck accident, a lawyer may request a consultation with a trained meteorologist to help recreate or understand the conditions at the time of the accident. Additionally, an attorney may talk to the respective trucking industry parties to figure out the details of a crash if there was no other vehicle involves.

In some situations, these cases can be filed under uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage if the other party is unknown. To learn more about your legal options after a Manchester truck accident involving bad weather, schedule a case consultation.


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