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People who own property in Manchester have a responsibility to keep their premises safe, especially when they are likely to have visitors. If the owner fails to uphold this responsibility and you get injured because of this negligence, you can hold the property owner accountable for your injuries.

It may be best to speak to a Manchester premises liability lawyer if you want to effectively pursue a positive outcome in your case. A skilled personal injury attorney could fight diligently on your behalf in pursuit of full and fair compensation for your injuries.

Causes of Slip and Fall Accidents

Accidents can happen anywhere and can have many causes, but in many cases accidents occur due to the negligent actions of a property owner. Negligent upkeep of personal property can leave hazardous condition for guests on that property, which in turn can lead to civil liability if any of those guests is injured as a result. Some of the most common causes of such accidents include:

  • Uneven sidewalks
  • Loose floorboards
  • Sinkholes or potholes
  • Spilled liquid
  • Lack of handrails
  • Improper maintenance of stairs
  • Poor lighting

In any of these cases, an unsuspecting visitor can find themselves seriously injured. An experienced attorney can provide more information about premises liability in Manchester.

Classification of Visitors in Manchester

Premises liability law provides different types of visitors with different levels of protection. Therefore, if someone enters another person’s premises and gets hurt, the reason why they were on the property can significant affect their ability to recover damages. A Manchester property liability lawyer could know which factors to look for and advocate on a victim’s behalf in a way that ensures they are given the legal protection they deserve.


Invitees are those who are on someone else’s property with the property owner’s invitation or are there for the benefit of the owner. A classic example of an invitee is a shopper in a store. These invitees are given the highest level of protection by premises liability law. The property owner must take reasonable precautions to fix hazards and keep invitees safe.


Licensees are people who are on premises for their own purposes but have the consent of the owner to be there. Trash collectors or meter readers are common examples of licensees. Premises liability law protects licensees if they are hurt by hidden dangers and were not warned by the property owner.


Trespassers are those who are on the premises without a lawful reason. Someone cutting across someone else’s lawn is a common example of a trespasser. In most cases, premises liability law only protects trespassers to whom a property owner intentionally caused harm.

Exceptions to the Visitor Rule

Since children are far more likely to venture onto someone else’s property and into danger without realizing it, premises liability law in Manchester treats them differently than adults. Even if a child would be considered a trespasser, a property owner who should reasonably expect that children are likely to venture into a particular danger has a legal responsibility to either fix that danger or make it inaccessible to a curious child.

Consult with a Manchester Premises Liability Attorney

Premises liability law in Manchester is a combination of legal rights for visitors as well as the legal duties property owners are required to fulfill. If a property owner fails to uphold their end of the bargain and you get injured, you may be eligible to pursue civil compensation.

A Manchester premises liability lawyer could explain all your legal options and help to ensure your legal rights and interests are protected. Call a dedicated attorney today to get started on your claim.


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