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You can find pedestrians walking all over Manchester. They frequent the numerous shopping areas as well as the famed Manchester Road Race course, among other popular running spots. Accidents are always a concern, especially for people sharing the road with motor vehicles. There are numerous safety measures that pedestrians can take both before and after an accident happens that could save their life. It is best to seek help from a knowledgeable pedestrian accident attorney. Reach out to learn about the safety measures to take to avoid a pedestrian accident in Manchester.

What Safety Measures Could Help Prevent Pedestrian Accidents in Manchester?

The best way to prevent accidents is to be aware of surroundings. A pedestrian should not assume that vehicles are going to stop. They should wear reflective clothing if they know they are going to be out at night to increase the chances that they are seen. Other safety precautions include:

  • Be extra careful if wearing headphones
  • Engage all five senses to be aware of surroundings
  • Obey the rules of crosswalks and traffic signals
  • Walk against traffic
  • Use sidewalks where possible

Drivers should put their cell phones down, keep a proper lookout for pedestrians, keep their eyes on the road, travel at safe speeds, make sure their headlights are on, and be careful around school zones, parking lots, pedestrian crossings, and areas where there is likely to be a number of pedestrians.

Precautions to Take at Night

There are many pedestrian accidents that occur at night, especially in the winter because it gets dark so early. If someone is driving at night, it is important that they have their headlights on.

Drivers should not stare at a screen, whether it is a dashboard, their cell phone, or some other device. Their eyes should be on the road, hands on the steering wheel, and keeping a proper speed. In Manchester, there are commercial areas that have walking zones where pedestrians are likely to be.

Safety Measures for Runners

Manchester has a significant running community and is home to one of the great races in the country, the Manchester Road Race. There are various running clubs in the city and hilly terrain makes it popular with runners.

There are sidewalks and running trails that go through Manchester that runners can use without fear of vehicular interference. Laws state that cars must give three feet of space to runners. Runners are left on their own to occupy the shoulder of roads throughout Manchester unless there are sidewalks.

What Behaviors Could Put Pedestrians at Risk?

Drunk and distracted driving are unfortunate causes of many pedestrian accidents. Whether pedestrians are crossing the road, or on the side of the road, a driver needs to be able to see them.

Not running with reflective gear, head lamps, or reflective vests at night can also put the safety of pedestrians or runners at risk. They also cannot run in the middle of the road, even if they do not see any cars around.

Safety Measures to Take After a Manchester Pedestrian Accident

Immediately after a pedestrian accident, the most important thing a person can do is to try to get to safety or signal for help. Some other ways pedestrians could protect themselves include:

  • Seeking medical attention, even if injuries are not immediately apparent
  • Have a driver’s license or other ID on hand
  • Carry an ID that lists any of their medical conditions (some phones have these equipped already)
  • Set up contacts in their phone in case someone needs to be notified
  • Follow up with any potential witnesses
  • Call a lawyer after medical attention is administered

They should also understand that the driver’s insurance company is not their friend. They do not have to give them a statement, especially if it is somebody else’s insurance company. They should seek legal advice before giving statements because the company is going to use that statement against them. An experienced lawyer could advise on how to make statements.

Proper Safety Measures Could Prevent Pedestrian Accidents

Whether walking or running, there are steps you can take to protect yourself from being struck by a car. Taking safety measures both before and after an accident can increase the odds of a good outcome. In the event that a lawsuit is necessary, local lawyers in Manchester are standing by to provide assistance. Call today to learn about the safety measures to take to avoid a pedestrian accident in Manchester.


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