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Crashes between a person and a motor vehicle are a common occurrence. While the risk is present anytime someone is walking near a road, there are several contributing factors in Manchester that can increase the odds of a pedestrian accident. By knowing what these risks are ahead of time, you could prevent serious injury or loss of life. If an accident does occur, a competent pedestrian accident attorney could help you file suit for damages.

What Are the Rules for Pedestrians in Manchester?

The law states that drivers must yield to pedestrians who are looking to cross the street, preferably with three or more feet of distance between them. Drivers are also expected to look for people walking or jogging, regardless of whether they are near a crosswalk.

Pedestrians are expected to obey traffic laws and must use the roads in a safe manner, which includes crossing at designated crossing zones. This protects both themselves and the drivers.

How Turns and Blind Spots Contribute to Accidents

Manchester has many parking lots near the shopping mall and in other commercial areas, meaning that there are always cars backing up out of their spots. Individuals can be struck during these moments due to the driver’s lack of visibility. Even when cars are moving forward – such as when pulling out onto the main roads or driving past the storefronts where shoppers are exiting – drivers may be too distracted to see a pedestrian in front of them.

Accidents also frequently happen when cars are turning right on a red light. Drivers tend to look left to ensure no cars are coming, but fail to realize that pedestrians also have the right of way. Conversely, cars turning left might be preoccupied with looking out for oncoming traffic and miss that somebody is walking into their path.

These contributing factors can also lead to local buses colliding with pedestrians. Buses might have even more of a blind spot than regular automobiles when it comes to people walking in or near the road, due to their length and height.

Unique Factors That Could Cause a Collision

In addition to dangerous turns and blind spots, there are several other factors in Manchester that can contribute to pedestrian crashes. While the region does not get much tourism, people from out of town may not be as familiar with the traffic environment, meaning they are more likely to make a mistake and get into an accident. People who run or jog near the road could rush into the street before a vehicle has time to see them. Adverse weather conditions, such as rain, snow, or ice, can increase the likelihood of accidents if a car cannot come to a full stop in time, or if a passerby slips on someone’s icy premises. It is important to know the area and be aware of the weather if a person decides to take a walk outside.

Can a Pedestrian Be Found Liable for Their Own Injuries?

If a pedestrian was following the law, they are likely not going to be found contributorily negligent for the accident in any way. If they were not following the law, they may be found to be contributorily negligent, and it would mean they are either rewarded no damages at all, or that their final award total will be reduced by the amount of fault that they held. This is why it is crucial that pedestrians always follow the rules and not act recklessly. For example, if pedestrians run out into the street and dent someone’s car, they might be held liable for that car’s repairs.

Discuss Contributing Factors in Manchester Pedestrian Accidents with an Attorney

No matter what the cause of a crash is, the chance of civil recovery depends on who the judge or jury deems liable. Several contributing factors could be used in a Manchester pedestrian accident case. If you are looking to recover damages after suffering serious injuries, speak with a local lawyer as soon as possible to learn what your next step should be.


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