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An accident involving a pedestrian is especially likely to result in serious injuries for the person traveling on foot. When a person is struck by a motor vehicle at high speeds, the consequences could be disastrous, if not fatal. If you were injured by a car, truck, or other vehicle while walking to your destination, then consider hiring a Manchester pedestrian accident lawyer. A dedicated personal injury attorney could help collect evidence, file suit, and fight for maximum compensation on your behalf.

How Are Pedestrians Defined by State Law?

According to state law, pedestrians include includes walkers, joggers, as well as bicyclists. Pedestrians must remain vigilant and cognizant of their situation at all times and take action to protect themselves from accidents.

Unfortunately, crashes involving pedestrians tend to be catastrophic and often result in broken bones, severe head trauma, spinal cord injuries, or even death. In most cases, the pedestrian suffers more severe consequences than the driver due to the former’s inherent lack of protection.

How do Pedestrian Crashes in Manchester Typically Occur?

Collisions in the area involving pedestrians tend to occur because either the driver was not paying attention, they were driving too fast, or they did not stop for a crosswalk. Accidents can also occur at bus stops if the bus driver does not notice someone crossing in front of them. People who wear dark clothing at night inadvertently make themselves difficult to see while crossing public roads.

Manchester has many high-traffic commercial areas such as the Buckland Hills areas and the shops at Evergreen Walk. These places are not always safe for pedestrians. In the event of a collision at one of these locations, an injured pedestrian should seek legal counsel from a local lawyer. However, time is of the essence, as a claimant has only two years from the day of the accident to file suit, with some exceptions.

Pedestrian Accidents Involving Children

Unfortunately, children are involved in pedestrian accidents far too often. Kids will chase after toys or balls that bounce into the street, attempt to use crosswalks at inappropriate times, or run near school buses while they are in motion.

Additionally, small children are harder to see, and their brains have not yet developed risk assessment skills, meaning they are more likely run into dangerous situations that adults would otherwise avoid.

When a child is injured in a pedestrian collision, a local lawyer may have to assess liability differently because children are held to a lower standard of contributory negligence than a fully-grown adult.

Injury Risks for Elderly Pedestrians

Elderly pedestrians tend to move slower and are prone to vision or auditory problems, making them more susceptible to the impact of an automobile. Even when a car stops for a senior citizen to use a crosswalk, their slow pace might provoke road rage. In addition, any injuries they sustain from an accident will likely be compounded by the fact that their bodies are weaker than young adults, meaning the medical bills – as well as the risk of death – would be higher.

Seek Help from a Manchester Pedestrian Accident Attorney

Someone who sustained catastrophic injuries because of a negligent motorist should work with a Manchester pedestrian accident lawyer instead of trying to navigate the legal system alone. Call our firm today to learn more about the types of compensation you could receive after a pedestrian collision.


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