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One of the biggest causes of accidents on Manchester roads is distracted drivers. Simply paying attention to the roads will keep everyone safer, especially motorcyclists who may be harder to identify and are more exposed in accidents. As for bikers, there are numerous things they can do to protect themselves. These precautions do not differ based on the size of a motorcycle engine or their riding experience. Knowing the safety measures to take before or after Manchester motorcycle accidents could help save a life.

Precautions Other Drivers Should Take

Smart safety measures for motorists to employ include turn signals, defensive driving, and having 360° awareness through the use of mirrors. When a person sees a motorcycle around them, they should slow down, give the motorcycle extra space, and avoid rushing a left-hand turn and cutting off a biker.

People commonly misjudge distance when turning in front of a motorcycle. This occurs because there is often only one focal point on a bike, such as a headlight at night. To help prevent motorcycle accidents, when a driver sees an oncoming bike, they should wait until the rider passes.

Safety Measures for Motorcyclists

Some other easy precautions for Manchester motorcyclists to take include:

  • Make sure the bike is in good working order before going out
  • Wear a helmet and other protective equipment
  • Have full auto insurance, Med-Pay coverage, and life insurance
  • If diabetic or allergic to penicillin, have that information easily discoverable in case an EMT needs to treat them
  • Check weather conditions and road construction ahead of time

Bad weather in particular can provide serious hazards. Hydroplaning on a motorcycle can cause significant injury, so motorcyclists should be very aware if they encounter pop-up downpours. They should also be aware of flash flooding, grass clippings, and wet leaves.

A camera attached to a motorcycle or helmet can provide evidence in the event of an accident. It can protect a motorcyclist against the at-fault driver exaggerating or making up a story as to how the accident happened. If an incident occurred, it is imperative that any recordings are secured and given to a lawyer.

Motorcycle Helmet Laws

If an individual is over the age of 18, they are not required by law to wear a motorcycle helmet. If they are under the age of 18 or they are getting a learner’s permit, they are required to wear one. Legally, it is not contributorily negligent on behalf of the motorcyclist to not be wearing a helmet, but a jury may very well blame them because of it. This can reduce a motorcyclist’s total recovery in a personal injury case.

Taking Precautions Can Help Manchester Motorcyclists Avoid Accidents

Hopefully all parties will take proper precautions when going out on the road, be it a car driver, a motorcyclist, or their passenger. Following a few common safety measures can help Manchester motorcyclists and drivers alike avoid serious accidents.

Collisions can and do happen, however, and a severe injury could derail someone’s life. If you find yourself in this situation, consider calling a personal injury attorney to see how they could help you file a claim.


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