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Connecticut is a great place for motorcyclists to ride, but accidents can happen anywhere at any time. Out-of-state visitors should know that while riding through Manchester, they must follow the road safety rules, that local law enforcement will enforce them, and they will be held civilly accountable if they violate the rules and cause harm. They cannot claim that they did not know the rules due to being from a different state. When someone rides on local roads, they are expected to obey and follow all common sense road safety rules to hopefully avoid accidents.

Navigating Manchester Roads

When an individual comes into Manchester, they should understand that they are coming into a highly trafficked area. This is especially true in the commercial district around Buckland Hills Mall, where there are numerous shops surrounded by pedestrians and driveways that could be dangerous if not properly maintained. Manchester also has winding rural roads that do not have great visibility. Interstate 84 in Manchester gets very wide and then narrows, and cars may be driving at high rates of speed.  A motorcycle rider should be very cognizant of these potential hazards.

Out-of-state riders should be especially alert about their surroundings in bad weather, because storms can crop up and temperatures can change quickly. Manchester roads can freeze and refreeze rapidly. Riders should also be aware that there are a lot of distracted drivers in Manchester, whether they are in the center shopping area or looking for signs on Interstate 84.

Insurance for Out-of-State Riders

If an individual is from out of state (particularly from New York, Massachusetts, or New Jersey) and is injured in Manchester, their PIP benefits would apply even though Connecticut does not have PIP insurance. Connecticut has Med-Pay, and the Med-Pay benefits would apply.

If a motorcyclist has a passenger, the liability insurance of the person who hit them would be the primary policy to take effect. The underinsured/uninsured-motorist coverage of the driver would be the second policy on the case. Finally, it would come down to the bike passenger’s own personal policy. An attorney from Manchester could help explain to an out-of-state motorcycle accident victim what each policy could do in their case.

The biggest law that would apply to an out-of-state motorcyclist would be the underinsured/uninsured-motorist component. This protects them in the event that a driver who caused their accident was not insured, and thus would not have money to recoup from a lawsuit. This insurance would follow bikers even when they are driving out of state, so they should purchase as much coverage as they can. This will protect them no matter where they travel.

Call a Manchester Attorney if You Suffered Injuries While Visiting from Another State

Motorcycle riders from both in and outside of Connecticut are welcome to use Manchester streets and highways for work or pleasure. They should always be prepared for accidents, and that includes knowing all of the local laws and having the right insurance coverage. Out-of-state rider motorcycle accidents in Manchester are always a possibility, but a knowledgeable attorney could make the healing process less of a headache. Contact one today to evaluate your case.


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