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If you suffered injuries in a collision, you should consult an experienced Manchester motor scooter accident lawyer as soon as possible. A seasoned attorney could guide you on what to do after an accident and navigate the specific legal challenges that come with scooter and Vespa accident cases. Depending on the severity of your injuries and the property damage to your scooter, you may be entitled to significant compensation.

Motor Scooter Laws

Riders on motorized scooters are strictly required to operate within and obey all traffic and road safety laws. Under Connecticut General Statute §14-258, motor scooters and Vespas may not travel on sidewalks and other areas designated to pedestrians.

Some scooters fall into the classification of a motorcycle. Therefore, riders may be required to obtain proper registration and a motorcycle operator’s license to use their vehicle on the road. However, other scooters, such as electric bikes, may be considered a bicycle under state law. In these situations, the rider may not need additional licensing. Additionally, state law requires motorists to have motor scooter insurance if they have such a vehicle.

The Dangers of Riding a Motorized Scooter

Riders on motorized scooters can become particularly vulnerable to injury and accidents because they do not have as much protection as other vehicles. Additionally, motor scooters and Vespas may be more difficult to see when traveling on the road because of their size and ability to easily get into other vehicles’ blind spots. This can be especially dangerous if other drivers become distracted or are not paying close enough attention.

These accidents may result in all sorts of injuries from road rash to broken bones. Facial injuries and head trauma are also common in accidents involving Vespas and scooters, especially if the motorist is not wearing proper protection.

Depending on the severity of a wreck and its resulting injuries, these accidents may become fatal. A Manchester lawyer with experience in litigating motor scooter accident cases could asses an injured claimant’s losses and determine the amount in compensation to which they may be entitled.

Legal Strategies in a Case

Vespa accidents may require a different legal strategy than other types of motor vehicle wrecks. In a motor scooter accident, the defendant may try to blame the rider on the scooter because the jurors may have a bias that cars and other passenger vehicles rule the road. A Manchester motor scooter accident attorney could prepare their own legal strategy to combat the defendant’s argument.

Speak with a Manchester Motor Scooter Accident Attorney

A Manchester motor scooter accident lawyer could help you file a claim for damages if you were involved in a wreck. An attorney could protect your compensation by dealing with the insurance company, speaking with witnesses, preserving evidence, and ensuring that all proper notices are given.

This would allow you to focus on your recovery and could take some of the burdens off of your shoulders. To learn more about how an attorney could help you and your case, call today.


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