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A motorcycle defect is a condition that causes the motorcycle to work improperly. For instance, tires that blow out easily or an engine locking up may constitute a defective part or motorbike. A defect could pertain to a certain part on a motorcycle and could be specific to a particular vehicle. However, it could also be a broad problem across all vehicles produced by a particular manufacturer.

On the other hand, a recall is an order put out by the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) to manufacturers to remedy a known defect by requiring producers to notify their consumers that they should bring in their motorcycle for repair. A recall is usually specific to a particular model.

Defects in motorcycles can result in accidents and devastating injuries not only to riders but others on the road as well. If you were involved in an accident due to a defective motorbike, speak with an experienced motorcycle attorney. A legal professional could explain motorcycle defects and recalls in Manchester and how they may give rise to a viable claim for compensation.

Common Motorbike Defects and Recalls

Some of the most common motorcycle defects are brake failures and fuel tank malfunctions that can lead to fires and engine problems. Motorcycle frames may be inadequately constructed and prone a crack, or a defective tire could also lead to a serious accident.

For example, a tire blowing out while traveling could cause a motorcyclist to lose control, flip their bike, and be thrown onto the pavement. A motorcycle defect, especially one that leads to recall, can place any rider in immediate danger. Recalls only occur when there is some significant defect that is endangering the safety of the operator.

Regardless of the situation, defects and recalls for motorcycles can spell trouble for any motorist. Fortunately, a dedicated Manchester attorney could help an injured party recover compensation if their accident resulted from a defective bike.

Determining When to Issue a Recall

The NHTSA issue recalls for motorcycles. They base this decision on crash data, investigations, and consumer reports. Any manufacturing company that does not meet federal safety standards may face a health and safety recall. If a manufacturer fails to recognize the eminent need for a recall of a motorcycle part or model and an accident occurs due to this deficiency, liability may be placed on the manufacturer, the dealer, the distributor, or any party in that motorcycle’s chain of commerce.

How to Check if a Motorcycle Has Been Recalled

A motorcyclist can determine if their motorcycle or a part in their bike is defective by calling the NHTSA or by visiting their website. By using these resources, consumers can get up-to-date recall information.

A motorcyclist in Manchester may also check for defects and recalls in a public report which can be accessed on the Safer Car website. It is important to know where to check this information, however, manufacturers also are required to notify consumers of any recalls.

Determining Liability for a Motorbike Wreck

The duty of motorcycle designers and manufacturers is to build vehicles that are safe for consumers. To do so, they must conform to all federal safety standards and make a bike that is a defect-free. If a manufacturer fails to uphold this legal obligation, the court may find them liable for any accidents that occur as a result.

To determine liability, courts and insurance companies may look at the facts and evidence of a case and then apply the circumstances to road safety laws. Some types of evidence may include witness statements, physical evidence, inspecting the motorcycle, and pictures.

Obtaining Compensation After an Accident Caused by a Defect

If an individual sustains injuries in a motorcycle accident, a Manchester attorney could investigate the accident and determine whether or not that there have been any recalls or known defects with the vehicle involved.

A person could pursue compensation if their motorcycle had a defect, regardless of if there was a recall on their bike. A legal representative could investigate the injured claimant’s case and evaluate the safety of their bike using expert testimony.

Contact an Attorney to Discuss Manchester Motorcycle Defects and Recalls

If you have been in a severe accident caused by a faulty motorbike, you should speak with an attorney. A skilled lawyer could advise you on motorcycle defects and recalls in Manchester and determine if you have a valid claim against the manufacturing company. To see how legal counsel could help you, call today.


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