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Some people who suffer dog bites do not wish to involve a lawyer for fear that a seemingly minor incident could turn into a heated court battle. But some injuries that initially seem benign might be infected and get worse over time. Thus, it is best practice to retain the counsel of a seasoned dog bite injury lawyer as quickly as possible. The role of an attorney in a Manchester dog bite case is to handle the heavy legal work while you recover from your injuries.

The Benefits of Having a Lawyer

It is a wise idea for someone to contact an attorney if they have been bitten by a dog because the injuries can sometimes be more serious than temporary skin damage. A serious dog bite can produce scarring, nerve damage, infections, and disfigurement. It can even be fatal for young children, who are among the most likely to get bit.

It is important to begin an investigation immediately so the responsible party can be identified and evidence can be preserved. The owner must be put on notice of a potential claim and the claimant must preserve their right to compensation for medical care and lost wages.

When is the Best Time to Call a Lawyer?

An injured person in Manchester should contact a lawyer as soon as possible. The sooner the role of an attorney in a local dog bite case is established, the better their chances are, because it allows the lawyer to contact the insurance company immediately and makes for one less thing the injured person has to worry about. The attorney could also assist the claimant in getting the right medical care, investigating the incident, and put all relevant parties on notice.

Perhaps the most important function of an attorney in the early phase is to collect all of the evidence, including police reports. Attorneys conduct investigations by meeting with the claimant to investigate the injuries, checking up on the dog’s prior history, and if the owner or handler was obeying the right laws.

Why Might Someone Avoid Calling a Lawyer?

Some people wish to wait to contact an attorney after a dog bite because they believe it will cost them money to consult with one, that attorney’s fees might reduce their overall damages award, or that legal counsel will not be able to help their situation. However, contacting a knowledgeable attorney following an animal attack is recommended.

Attorneys Could Negotiate with Insurance Companies

A common mistake people make regarding dog bite claims is that they think they can handle it themselves by negotiating with the insurance companies. Unfortunately, the companies are going to do all they can to avoid paying out a fair settlement for the injuries suffered, especially if there is no lawyer present to advocate for the plaintiff.

Non-economic damages, in particular, tend to get overlooked when insurance companies make their offers. A person who is recovering from painful injuries may not be in the right head space to properly weigh the settlement offer and they may feel spooked into accepting it for fear that they might not get another chance. The role of a lawyer in a local dog attack case is to act as an advocate in court.

Insurance companies typically have multiple lawyers, investigators, and claims adjusters at their disposal to argue for low payouts. They will all be experts in their field and will have a massive advantage over the claimant. They make their money by denying claims, so it largely falls on the plaintiff’s attorney to make a strong case for all damages, or else take the matter to court.

Let a Manchester Dog Bite Attorney Take the Lead Role in Your Case

Insurance companies will try to take advantage of your inexperience with the law to settle your dog bite claim for much less than it is actually worth. You should not feel pressured into accepting it. A dedicated dog bite attorney could play a key role in your case and fight for a fair outcome to compensate your injuries. Call now to schedule a consultation.


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