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When a dog bite incident occurs, you may not know immediately who could be held liable for the damages. In many situations, it is the dog owner who is liable. Therefore, one of the most important items to take note of is the identity of the dog’s owner. This person’s insurance company typically pays out a settlement or judgment to the injured. A skilled attorney could help you determine liability in Manchester dog bite cases and get the financial relief you need to treat your injuries.

What is the Dog Bite Liability Law in Manchester?

In Manchester, a dog bite is a strict liability tort, which means the claimant’s lawyer does not have to prove any negligence on behalf of the owner. An attorney may, however, have to prove negligence against a landlord if they knew the dog was vicious but still allowed it to remain on the premises.

To establish liability, the plaintiff’s side must prove that the dog bite happened, that the dog in question was the one that bit them, and identity of the owner. Once these arguments are established, either an insurance company would accept responsibility and pay out a settlement, or a judge or a jury would be responsible for assigning liability.

Is Liability Affected if the Injured Person Knew the Dog or the Owner?

Compensation is not affected when the person knows the dog that injured them. A tort of strict liability means it does not matter what the relationship is between the person and the dog – the owner should be held responsible for the injuries.

There is also no distinction made if the injured person has an existing relationship with the owner of the dog. However, if a person is bitten by their own dog, there will not be any insurance coverage for that scenario.

Leash Laws in Manchester

According to state law, a dog has to be leashed or fenced-in at all times if it is outdoors. Dogs cannot roam around unleashed anywhere outside of the home.

Leash laws do not impact liabilities. Even if a dog bites someone while leashed, the owner is still held liable. However, keeping a dog leashed or fenced-in greatly reduces the likelihood that they attack someone.

When Liability Might Not Be Proven

It is possible that liability might not be proven in a canine attack case if there is a dispute over the identity of dog owner, whether the plaintiff was actually bitten, or if the injured party was teasing or tormenting the animal. If the plaintiff was shown to have been tormenting the dog at the time of the attack, then the owner may not be liable. It is important for an injured person to consult with an experienced attorney to determine if they had any sort of liability in the dog bite incident.

Speak with a Manchester Attorney for Help Determining Liability in a Canine Bite Case

With few exceptions, the owner of the animal that attacked you is going to be liable for your damages. By retaining a local Manchester attorney, you could prove liability in a dog bite case and recover damages to treat your injury. Schedule an appointment today to learn more.


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