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Many people think they can only file a personal injury claim for a dog attack if a canine bites them. However, people can file a claim for other reasons such as instances where a dog knocks a person down, which happens often. There are many injuries commonly seen in dog bite cases and the most severe types of cases demand higher damage awards. A local dog bite attorney could provide guidance as you recover from your injuries and pursue financial relief. Speak to a compassionate attorney to learn about the common injuries in a Manchester dog bite case and your options for compensation.

Types of Dog Bite Injuries

Some examples of the injuries a person could sustain from being attacked by a dog are scarring, breaking of the skin, and infections. An infection even from minor dog bites can sicken a person and require surgery. Another common injury is nerve pain, where a dog essentially punctures a nerve, which results in permanent tingling.

These injuries have a wide range of severity. A tiny bite might only require a Band-Aid and the application of some antibacterial lotion, and not leave any permanent scars. On the other hand, a particularly vicious bite, especially one that leads to an infection, has the potential to kill somebody. Fatalities are higher among young children who may not be able to fend off an attack.

The Severity of Injuries

The severity of the injuries impacts an individual’s potential to receive compensation. The law asserts that the greater the injury, the more money that the person should receive. If the injured person has a minor bite and it heals well, their case may not be worth very much. Additionally, if the injured person are permanently disfigured, lose a part of their body, or have nerve damage, the case could be worth a significant amount of money.

How Can a Doctor Prevent Further Damage?

One of the measures a doctor may take in order to prevent the dog bite injuries from causing greater damage is to treat with antibiotics or antibacterial cream. A dog’s mouth typically contains a lot of bacteria and can cause infection, which is often even worse than the bite itself.

Scarring and disfigurement can lead to lifelong embarrassment and serve as a painful reminder of the incident. A person could have nerve damage, ongoing tingling feelings for the rest of their life, or an infection that could result in further surgery or lengthy hospitalizations. This is why it is important to call a lawyer as quickly as possible, so that that an infection is treated and not left to fester.

How Can These Injuries Be Compensated?

For a person in the community who has a dog bite injury case, their best option for a financial recovery is to make a claim against the owner, or keeper, of the dog. This usually happens through their homeowner’s insurance after achieving a settlement, mediation, or a judgment in a trial.

Call an Attorney to Help Recover Compensation for Injuries in a Manchester Dog Bite Case

There are more to animal attacks than just bite marks. The skin and muscle can sustain major damage, and invisible infections can put someone’s life in danger. It is important to know the common injuries in Manchester dog bite cases so you can make sure there are no untreated problems that could harm you in the future. Call now to see if a skilled attorney could help you in your quest for compensation.


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