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Sometimes prescription drugs cause adverse reactions that have serious physical consequences. If you believe your recent health issues are related to faulty or otherwise hazardous prescription medication, contact a Manchester dangerous drugs lawyer as soon as possible. You could receive compensation that covers any healthcare treatments you require, as well as time missed from work.

A dependable personal injury attorney with experience in hazardous drug lawsuits is an invaluable resource, as they understand the legal processes involved in such cases and could provide counsel if the case goes to trial. They also provide representation throughout the legal process and handle all paperwork while you recover from the pain and trauma of your medication-related injuries.

Drugs That Have Caused Serious Health Problems

Many prescription medications on the market have caused severe health issues in users and warranted legal claims issued by local dangerous drug attorneys. Some of the most hazardous drugs include:

  • Zofran: A drug used to ease morning sickness during pregnancy, Zofran has been linked to birth defects such as cleft palates and lips, kidney issues, and heart defects.
  • Pradaxa: This drug was created to prevent blood clots from forming; however, it has caused cerebral hemorrhages and fatal blood loss in some cases.
  • Abilify: A drug used in the treatment of mental illnesses such as bipolar disorders and schizophrenia, Abilify has also been utilized as a depression aide. Its side-effects include swallowing problems, seizures, strokes, heart failure, and pneumonia.
  • Xarelto: Another blood-thinning medication, this drug can cause blood clots and fatal bleeding. It is also known to increase the risk of strokes, heart attacks, deep vein thrombosis, pulmonary embolisms, and spinal hematomas.
  • Nexium: A proton pump inhibitor, Nexium can cause kidney problems, urinary tract infections, heart attacks, and osteoporosis.

These and many other drugs lead to health issues due to problems such as incorrect dosages, long-term usage, and faulty manufacturing. Many drugs are put on the market quickly before their effects are truly understood, and can cause lasting health damages in some individuals, including those who follow all dosage instructions and do not take the medications for prolonged periods. If someone beleives that their health issues were caused or exacerbated because of a harmful drug, they should contact a Manchester attorney immediately.

Who is Liable in Hazardous Drug Cases?

A plaintiff and a Manchester hazardous medication attorney can bring a lawsuit against one or more parties depending on the nature of the case. If the drug manufacturer knew the medication would cause severe side-effects in most patients, but allowed it on the market anyway, they are liable. Cleanroom contamination during drug compounding makes the facility liable because they did not take precautions to keep the room sanitary and safe for use. Drug distributors can be liable as well, if they knew of a medication’s danger but went forward with distribution and marketing.

Other liable parties include pharmacists. If they did not take down accurate patient information, were distracted during drug-mixing, or did not communicate effectively with physicians, they could be on the hook for damages. Those who mix drugs under the influence of alcohol or controlled substances also face liability charges.

Doctors, nurses, surgeons, and other healthcare workers become liable if they provided the wrong dosage or did not review the patient’s health information in light of the drug’s side-effects.

Consult a Manchester Dangerous Drugs Attorney for More Information

Take action today if your health issues stem from a drug you were recently prescribed. A Manchester dangerous drugs lawyer might be able to handle your case and fight for compensation to make up for your financial and personal losses. Contact our firm today to learn how we can help.


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