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When someone suffers a traumatic brain injury (TBI), their life can change forever. Most people will not be able to handle a personal injury case in this condition, which is why they should retain a dedicated TBI lawyer. The role of an attorney in Manchester TBI cases is crucial to recovering damages and easing the financial burden that you or your loved one has suddenly been faced with.

The Attorney-Client Relationship in TBI Cases

First, a potential claimant should learn if a lawyer has handled similar cases, what the results were, and what their bedside manner is like. A TBI lawyer should have basic knowledge about various types of brain injuries, including the neurology and medicine involved with treating them. A compassionate lawyer will want to understand not just the medical harm but the emotional trauma an injured partying is experiencing

At the beginning of the attorney-client relationship in a TBI case, there will be a lot of investigation and discussions. Attorneys should build strong relationships with their clients by listening to their story and concerns. Whenever there is a brain injury, clients might be forgetful at times. They should know that their lawyer is going to be patient and accepting with them.

An attorney should be able to answer questions at all times. There tend to be many questions at the beginning of a case specifically, which an attorney may address in an initial consultation. Once a case has begun, the lawyer can handle insurance company paperwork and obtain medical records while their client continues to recover.

The Benefits of a Law Firm Instead of a Private Attorney

If a private lawyer goes on vacation or takes any other time off, the client may not be able to reach them and there will be nobody else to work on the case. With a full team at a law firm, multiple attorneys could work on a case and ensure the plaintiff always has a way to contact their counsel.

A firm should have people who are skilled in different legal aspects. Some of the things an individual member of a law firm might be experienced in include:

  • Crafting exhibits and graphics
  • Deciphering medical records
  • Setting legal strategy
  • Tracking down and following up on evidence and witnesses

Many of these skills are necessary to mount a strong claim and it is difficult to find one attorney who excels at all of them, especially in complicated TBI cases.

How Much Should an Upfront Consultation Cost?

There should be no fee for an upfront consultation and retaining a TBI lawyer should not cost anything out of pocket. They can, however, charge a contingency fee.

The contingency fee works under two kinds of agreements. One is a sliding scale arrangement, which is set by statute, and the cost would decrease after certain amounts of damages are obtained. There is also a fee waiver, which means the plaintiff would pay their lawyer one-third of any amount of recovery obtained.

How a Manchester Attorney Could Help

A catastrophic injury attorney could help someone who sustained a brain injury obtain damages by utilizing the insurance that is available. Occasionally, a person can suffer a horrific injury without any insurance coverage, which means that they are not going to be paid much in damages. A lawyer should investigate all potential responsible parties to ensure insurance is available to cover the claimant’s losses. If the injury is severe enough, legal counsel may be able to get the injured person to apply for Social Security Disability.

Furthermore, if the claimant’s injury has impaired their ability to recall the accident, a lawyer could then talk to family members and others who could speak about the accident.

What is the Cost if the Head Injury Case is Unsuccessful?

If there is a waiver agreement signed under Connecticut law, then the attorney would not be able to seek expenses from the claimant, even if the case is unsuccessful. In the event that there is no waiver, an injured party may be responsible for many of the fees incurred throughout the process. A competent lawyer should assess all of the risk ahead of time, including the risks posed to the client, and explain these risks before the case begins.

Call Today to Learn More About the Role of a Manchester Lawyer in a Brain Injury Case

If you or a family member has suffered a traumatic brain injury, you deserve a compassionate and skilled lawyer to advocate on your behalf. The role of an attorney in Manchester TBI cases is to listen to your story, assemble a case, and argue for damages. Call today to learn how to get a local attorney on your side.


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