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In most situations, it is a good idea to retain the services of a legal professional to handle a potential lawsuit for personal injuries. However, that assistance is most valuable to a person who has suffered a traumatic brain injury (TBI). There are numerous benefits of retaining a Manchester traumatic brain injury attorney who could lead the fight for justice.

A person who has a TBI should contact a knowledgeable legal professional because they could help an injured party understand how their medical treatment options work with the legal intricacies of these difficult cases. Too often, claimants with head trauma may forget about appointments or need reminders, so it is important to have a team on your side that could ensure you are on the path to recovery.

Starting a TBI Case with a Lawyer

Ideally, a lawyer begins working with someone who is suffering from a TBI as soon as possible. The earlier a case is brought to them, the more valuable a lawyer could be in helping to answer questions, working with insurance providers, getting treatment, and making sure a claim is filed within the statute of limitations. During an initial consultation, the lawyer could try to determine:

  • The severity of a claimant’s injuries
  • What facts of the case that need to be investigated
  • What insurance is available
  • What kind of treatment is available

Unfortunately, it is common in TBI cases that the claimant has no memory of what happened. At that point, the lawyer has to interview people in the injured party’s life and piece together the accident.

A local lawyer could benefit a severe brain injury case by listening to the patient and interviewing those close to them to understand their physical, emotional, and lifestyle changes. They could review the medical records and make referrals to experts they know in the area who might be able to help a person get better.

How Can the Claimant Assist the Case?

The best thing that claimants can do to assist the attorney handling their TBI case is to follow the treatment, attend their appointments, keep the law firm informed as to where they are treating, and ask any questions that they have so they remain on the same page as their legal counsel. It is important to note that claimants should also avoid posting about their case on social media.

What Constitutes Qualifying Evidence in a TBI Case?

A lawyer could collect and present evidence in TBI cases to help establish liability. This typically involves meeting with the client, reviewing their records, seeing if there are any further experts that may be needed, and consulting with potential witnesses. Qualifying evidence typically includes:

  • Dash cam or other video evidence
  • Black box data in vehicles
  • Police reports
  • Medical records and imaging
  • Statements from doctors
  • Plaintiff testimony
  • Testimony from plaintiff’s friends and family
  • Testimony from accident witnesses
  • Expert reconstructionists

The claimant should be the first resource in gathering or presenting the evidence. They know where the accident happened, the names of the police officers who arrived at the accident scene, the doctors who treated them, and any witnesses who may be able to testify. The role of the claimant is to point the lawyer in the right direction to investigate.

Finding Long-Term Life Insurance

One of the benefits an attorney in the area could provide someone who sustained traumatic brain damage is by helping them obtain a long-term life insurance plan. The lawyer could connect them with brokers who have a history of working with injured insurance-seekers.

Insurance companies may avoid writing a policy for those who are dealing with the effects of brain trauma. However, different insurance companies have different underwriting provisions so if one will not do it, there might still be another willing to write that policy. An experienced attorney may know established professionals from previous cases and could check with them to see if life insurance is available for the plaintiff’s particular situation.

Learn the Benefits of a Manchester TBI Attorney

When recovering from a TBI, you will likely not be in a position to make numerous complex legal decisions. In certain severe cases, a person may be unable to think clearly at all. Thankfully, help is available. Get in contact with a law firm that could explain the benefits of a Manchester traumatic brain injury attorney and help you potentially recover damages for the harm you endured.


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