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Someone who suffered an injury to their spinal cord is likely not in physical shape to go to work or perform everyday tasks, let alone manage a civil suit on their own. Fortunately, an attorney could help in a Manchester spinal cord injury case in various ways. Most importantly, they could allow the plaintiff to rest and recover without exerting themselves by dealing with litigation. One of our spinal cord damage attorneys could be your ally in seeking justice and recovering compensation.

Before Seeking Help from a Lawyer

A person should first call for medical help if they believe they have suffered a spine injury. People should seek medical attention after an accident even if they feel fine because there may be some fraying of the spinal cord that is not immediately noticeable. They should get checked out before taking part in any strenuous activity that could cause further harm.

Once their condition has stabilized they should contact an attorney to begin an investigation. A local attorney could help with a spinal cord injury case by addressing all of the claimant’s immediate concerns, including managing the medical bills, addressing lost wages, and putting relevant insurance companies on notice.

Qualities to Look for in a Spine Injury Attorney

When seeking advice from a lawyer, a person should look for an experienced firm that has familiarity with litigating spinal cord damage claims. A claimant should also look for somebody who is compassionate and understanding of their situation, and can answer their questions at a moment’s notice.

They should also look for a firm that utilizes current technology to make communication easier, whether through video-conferencing, texting, or electronic signing of documents. It may be hard for a person with an injured spine to leave their house, so a laptop, an iPad, or mobile phone may be the easiest way for that person to communicate.

Why Do Spinal Injuries Warrant a Legal Claim?

Spinal cord injuries could result in paralysis or death, which means the injured person should pursue legal options to recover damages for this dangerous situation they were thrust into. Spine damage is often caused by heavy machinery, workplace accidents, car accidents, or trip and falls.

A person with a spinal cord damage should contact a lawyer because this life-changing injury could prevent someone from working again and they may need to pursue compensation. They could lose all sorts of functioning of their body or require 24-hour care and frequent hospitalizations. Once a claim has been initiated, a person should keep in touch with their attorney who could update them on any medical or legal developments. It is important for claimants to be honest about any concerns or fears they have.

How a Lawyer Handles Evidence

Some types of evidence that a lawyer might try to collect include the police report, video of the accident, and medical records. Legal counsel should be meticulous and methodical about acquiring this information so as to not break any rules or accidently skip something important.

A lawyer in Manchester could help in a spinal cord injury case by bringing on experts who could declare their opinion as to what the future prognosis will be. Testimony from friends, family, and the plaintiff could also helpful to the argument. The goal is to assemble all of this evidence together to determine how the accident happened, how it could have been prevented, and who should be held liable for it.

Seeking Damages

In addition to damages that could pay for the patient’s healthcare bills, an attorney could fight for compensation on behalf of the family. This includes loss of consortium, which covers the lack of romantic or sexual relationship with the injured loved one, as well as being unable to work or socialize because they have to tend to that person at home.

A lawyer in Manchester could help a person with a spinal injury obtain a long-term life insurance plan by connecting them to an insurance broker who may be able to find coverage for this individual. It is often difficult to find a company who will insure someone in that condition but the attorney might be able to use past experiences to find something that could benefit the plaintiff.

Let an Attorney Help with Your Manchester Spinal Cord Injury Case

Attorneys should provide proper guidance, communication, experience, and compassion when working with an injured individual on their legal claim. The case could be made stronger when a lawyer and plaintiff work together. Learn more about how a lawyer could help in a Manchester spinal cord injury case by calling our office today and discussing your situation.


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