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Full or partial paralysis stemming from a serious accident can be devastating. Those who have experienced a paralysis injury require a strong support system—including family and friends, doctors, rehabilitation specialists, and physical therapists—as they adjust to the permanent changes that come with this type of trauma.

If you were paralyzed as the result of another person or organization’s negligence, an experienced catastrophic injury attorney could help you recover the compensation you deserve. Just as you may rely on medical professionals for physical support, you could also reach out to a Manchester paralysis injury lawyer for legal support.

The Paralysis Injury Case Process

Individuals who sustained their paralysis injuries through the fault of another party may be curious about their legal options. The first step should be to consult with an experienced paralysis injury lawyer in Manchester. An accomplished attorney could help determine if the case has merit and may file an initial claim.

Filing the Case

If the case is valid, the complainant may retain the attorney to represent their interests throughout the litigation process. The attorney could then file the complainant’s case within the two-year statute of limitations found in Connecticut General Statutes § 52-584. In some instances, a complainant may need to file a proper notice with a tortfeasor within just 90 days of an accident, so do not hesitate to contact a lawyer.


The next step is a legal process called discovery, in which the plaintiff’s and defendant’s attorneys exchange relevant information. This information is usually gleaned from:

  • Sworn depositions of both parties, witnesses, and medical expert witnesses
  • Past and present medical records
  • Employment records
  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Police reports
  • Insurance policy documents

Depending on the strength of the case, the plaintiff’s attorney may recommend they attempt to settle the case during the discovery process instead of going to trial. If a fair settlement can be reached, it could save time and money for both the plaintiff and the defendant, as well as avoiding the uncertainty of a jury trial.


If a settlement cannot be reached, the case will move to trial. A trial could last hours, days, or even months, depending on the complexities of the case. The jury will determine if the defendant is liable for the damages suffered by the plaintiff and if so, how much compensation the plaintiff deserves.

How Long Does a Lawsuit Take to Resolve?

No two cases are the same. The duration of a paralysis injury lawsuit could depend on the circumstances of the accident, how many defendants are involved, how many cases the court system is currently overseeing, and whether the case can be settled through pre-trial negotiations. Once an attorney files the case, plaintiffs should generally expect between one and two years for the case to conclude.

Consult with a Manchester Paralysis Injury Attorney

Paralysis injuries are usually permanent and severe, requiring a lifetime of medical care and specialized equipment. Injured plaintiffs are often unable to work or maintain their previous careers and are therefore left without a paycheck. A skilled Manchester paralysis injury lawyer understands how all of these factors impact a plaintiff and their family.

An experienced attorney could help you explore options to maximize your legal compensation. When you are ready, reach out for an initial consultation.


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