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If you sustain a bicycle injury that is serious enough to warrant a hospital visit, you might be confused about what your plan of action should be. There are multiple things to consider, not the least of which is figuring out what the legal ramifications are. A dedicated bike accident attorney could give you some information about what to do after a bicycle accident in Manchester.

What Should a Bicyclist Do Immediately After a Wreck?

The most important thing for a person to do immediately following a bicycle accident is to seek medical attention for injuries. Oftentimes, the injuries from a bicycle crash can be significant, so the rider will want to seek medical attention before all else. They will also want to avoid giving statements to the at-fault party or to the insurance company since it can be used against them.

If they are medically capable, they should preserve all witness statements, pictures or videos in the vicinity, and any other evidence they are aware of that might shed light on how the accident occurred.

When Should Someone Contact Insurance About an Accident?

A person should only contact insurance after first consulting an attorney for a no-fee consultation to talk about that the accident. Any statement that the injured person gives to insurance may be discoverable and the other side will attempt to use it against them. Even if the bicyclist thinks it is an innocuous statement, insurance agents have a way of twisting their words into something that undermines their own case.

If a person does not have insurance, they need to contact an attorney. A legal professional knows what to do after a Manchester bike accident and could work out how to potentially secure compensation from another party.

How an Attorney Could Help

A lawyer could be of the most help if the injured party contact them immediately after the crash and before a full investigation has begun. Also, that is when the insurance companies are going to be the most aggressive in trying to get statements from them.

An attorney could help by protecting the bicyclist and their claim, answering their questions, and making sure they give proper legal notice to the relevant parties. For example, if the person was hit by a government vehicle, they may have to give notice to a specific town clerk within a specific time period. When a public entity is involved, the window to file a claim might be as little as three months. Attorneys could also provide more personal support and help empower somebody to put their life back together.

A person should not try to handle a bicycle accident lawsuit themselves because these are serious and complicated cases involving issues of insurance, liability, and significant damages. One mistake could lock someone out of securing any kind of compensation.

Continuing Medical Treatment

In addition to acting quickly to hire a lawyer and avoiding talking to insurance companies, the best things to do after a local bicycle accident include seeking treatment to heal any injuries and following doctors’ orders exactly as described. If an injured cyclist fails to produce evidence that they got their wounds treated, the defendant could claim that there never were any injuries or that they were exaggerated, potentially preventing the claimant from winning a monetary award.

Learn What to Do After a Manchester Bike Accident by Talking to an Attorney

When potential lawsuits are involved, events can happen fast. You deserve to be in a secure position after being injured in a crash and a lawyer could help you in that regard. Call now to learn what you should do after a bicycle accident in Manchester.


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