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Pedestrians need to obey traffic laws and signals to ensure they are only crossing a road or intersection when it is clear to do so. When a pedestrian does not behave responsibly, it may affect their rights to bring an action against someone who hits them.

When an individual does not follow the laws, and it is determined the pedestrian is more at fault for the collision than the driver, their recovery may be severely reduced. For example, if the pedestrian did something unexpectedly or violated the traffic laws, they may not be able to take action against the driver that hit them. An experienced attorney could explain how pedestrian laws apply to an individual’s personal injury claim. An experienced attorney could explain more about the traffic laws for Glastonbury pedestrians. Reach out to a dedicated pedestrian accident attorney today.

How a Pedestrian May Be Partially Liable

Understanding the traffic laws for Glastonbury pedestrians could be critical to avoiding liability in an accident. If an individual entered an intersection when they were directed not to do so by a traffic director or a signal, they could be partially negligent in a resulting accident. Failing to cross in a nearby crosswalk might also be considered a negligent contribution.

Pedestrians have a responsibility to exercise a reasonable amount of care when crossing the street. If someone sees a vehicle coming and decides they are going to cross using the crosswalk anyway, they could be found contributorily negligent in the conduct. The driver has a primary responsibility to avoid a collision with the pedestrian. However, the pedestrian must do what they can to avoid putting themselves in a situation where they could be hit.

Laws Surrounding Crosswalks in Glastonbury

One of the most important aspects of pedestrian law is the crosswalk. Crosswalks are common in Glastonbury, and there are several on the main routes of Hebron Avenue and Main Street, as well as on Glastonbury Boulevard and in the Somerset Square area where there are shopping areas and many pedestrians.

Regardless of what a traffic signal indicates, drivers generally have a duty to avoid a collision with a pedestrian in a crosswalk. In spite of other circumstances that might be out of the driver’s control, all drivers are expected to use reasonable diligence to avoid a collision.

Crosswalks have a positive effect on driver behavior because the crosswalk signals drivers to use caution. Traffic signals negatively change driver behavior when a driver must slow down repeatedly for the many crosswalks. Drivers may become agitated, rushed, and might fail to continue to keep a reasonable lookout or stop for the pedestrians in crosswalks because they are in a hurry to get to their destination.

Turning Right on Red

Impatient drivers may contribute to a pedestrian accident when they turn right on a red light while a pedestrian has a walk signal. If the driver of the vehicle does not realize there is a walk signal or they are trying to sneak through, a collision may result. Vehicles turning left at an intersection may not see someone using the crosswalk in the street.

Call a Lawyer to Learn About Traffic Laws for Pedestrians in Glastonbury

When an individual is following the traffic laws for Glastonbury pedestrians, it is generally presumed that they are not at fault for the collision. When someone is hit in a crosswalk and injured, they should immediately contact a personal injury attorney to discuss their rights and the possibility of legal compensation. Contact an attorney today to learn more about recovering damages.


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