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Broken bones can occur in several different ways in pedestrian accidents. When someone gets run over by a car, they may sustain crushing injuries to their bones. Additionally, if a motorist strikes an individual with significant force, they may suffer breaks in the part of their body that took most of the impact, as well as where they fell against the pavement, such as the in the shoulder or arm.

Broken bones may lead to significant medical bills as well as a lifetime of disfigurement. As a result, if you were struck by a vehicle and sustained broken bones in a Glastonbury pedestrian accident, you should contact a skilled attorney immediately.

How Broken Bones Can Impact Someone’s Life in the Long-Term

Depending on the severity of a break, broken bones can result in the need for surgery and the insertion of pins, rods, and screws to rebuild the bone. Broken bones after a pedestrian accident in Glastonbury can also result in early-onset arthritis and the potential for revision surgeries years later. For instance, hardware, such as a knee replacement, may require replacement 20 years later.

Some disabilities can result from broken bones, such as paralysis. A person can suffer a broken neck, or be unable to walk as a result of broken legs in extreme cases. Also, doctors may need to amputate an injured person’s arms or legs if they sustained severe crushing injuries.

Pain places stress on the body and the mind, resulting in loss of sleep. It can upset hormonal systems, cause depression and anxiety, and result in brain damage. People who sustain broken bones after an accident may suffer chronic pain, which can lead to serious emotional trauma.

Employment Issues Due to Broken Bones

Certain individuals have jobs that require consistent physical activity, especially laborers or those working in retail. In these situations, the person might not have the convenience of sitting at a desk, and instead, have to lift items throughout their day. If they are injured and, therefore, unable to do their jobs, an employer might feel the need to terminate them and find somebody who can.

Broken bones also may cause someone to become disabled and therefore being unable to work for an extended period of time or indefinitely. In either circumstance, these injuries can lead to significant economic losses.

Types of Broken Bones as a Result of Pedestrian Accidents

Broken bones frequently occur as a result of pedestrian accidents in Glastonbury because the weight and velocity of a moving car create a substantial force that impacts the body. In many pedestrian accidents in which an individual gets hit by a car, they endure injuries, such as a broken femur, wrist, or pelvic bone.

The severity of broken bones varies depending on the accident. Some bone breaks may be crushing injuries, which frequently occur when someone gets run over. A broken bone can also occur as a clean hairline fracture that may heal by itself in a matter of weeks as long as the injured individual keeps their broken body party immobilized by using a cast.

Contact an Attorney to Discuss Sustaining Broken Bones After a Glastonbury Pedestrian Accident

An attorney could assist you in your legal pursuits if you suffered broken bones in a Glastonbury pedestrian accident. A legal professional could value your claim based on your injuries as well as pursue fair compensation for your losses. For help obtaining your recovery award, call today, and schedule a free case consultation.


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