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Nursing home abuse victims can encounter a variety of mental, financial, and physical problems and deserve to hold their abusers responsible for these damages. Negotiating compensation may be difficult, however, without a compassionate attorney by their side.

If your loved one experienced abuse in an assisted living community, get in touch with a compassionate attorney who could review your case and explain Glastonbury nursing home abuse settlements. Call a seasoned nursing home abuse attorney today to set up a consultation.

Legal Options for Nursing Home Abuse Victims

There are many legal options available for a person who has been abused in a nursing home. One option is calling the police. Also, they can report the abuse to the appropriate government agency, such as the Department of Public Health.

A nursing home abuse victim can also contact an experienced lawyer to investigate their case and fight for their right to hold their abusers responsible for their cruel actions. A person should take with them to their initial consultation any information they have pertaining to the incident and their assisted living community. The lawyer could filter through the facts of the case and determine which information may be pertinent to a claimant’s case.

Deciding Whether to Settle a Nursing Home Claim

It is the claimant who decides whether to take a settlement or go to trial. A lawyer can advise and explain the particulars of the settlement agreement and process to a plaintiff, but ultimately, it is the abuse victim who decides whether or not to take a settlement offer.

A person should take into consideration several factors when determining whether they should accept the settlement offer. The abuse victim should consider what their lawyer thinks of the settlement agreement and how long the settlement process may take. It may be more economical to take less money earlier than more money later. A person should also consider the likelihood of success in the settlement agreement as compared to going to trial.

A person should overall consider the liability of their abuser and damages they believe they deserve when settling a case. The amount of the settlement should cover all the damages the abused accrued throughout the abuse and afterward. If a person cannot get their money through a settlement, they could benefit from declining the settlement offer and taking their case to trial. An accomplished lawyer could further explain nursing home abuse settlements in Glastonbury to a claimant.

Determining the Settlement Value

A person can determine the settlement value of their claim by discussing it with their lawyer. The lawyer could show them what comparable settlements have been. The lawyer could also explain the amount of insurance the claimant could receive or the significance of their damages and the likelihood of succeeding in obtaining a settlement in their Glastonbury nursing home abuse case.

The Role of a Lawyer in Settlements

One of the most critical roles that a lawyer has is being the claimant advocate during Glastonbury settlements for nursing home abuse cases. Nursing home abuse attorneys can help an individual determine whether they should settle their case or take their case to trial. An attorney may advise an individual by explaining their opinions on liability and their opinions on damages, what comparable cases settle for, and insurance numbers.

Contact an Attorney to Learn More About Settlements for Nursing Home Abuse Cases in Glastonbury

Victims of nursing home abuse may face years of trauma and medical costs. In some cases, it may be more beneficial to settle their case than to drag out their case with a long, stressful trial. If you are seeking advice about Glastonbury nursing home abuse settlements, contact a compassionate attorney. They could review your case and evaluate the damages for which you can hold your abuser responsible.


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