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In Glastonbury, dog bite injuries are relatively common occurrences. However, when a dog attacks a person, the types of injuries that may occur range from mild to severe. The severity of the injuries often depends on the size of the dog, along with the size and age of the person. In some cases, a person may suffer minor cuts and scrapes, while others may sustain severe bites and deep lacerations. Regardless of the injury, if you were attacked by a dog, contact a diligent dog bite lawyer. They could examine the factors surrounding the incident and work to hold a negligent dog owner accountable. Call now and set up an appointment to begin reviewing potential legal strategies that may be effective for your case.

Common Fact Patterns Associated with Dog Attacks

As defined by Glastonbury laws, an injury from the dog constitutes being bitten or attacked by a dog. Generally, when a dog bites and someone is injured because of it, an owner is going to be liable unless the dog was provoked. With respect to the severity of the injuries and someone’s ability to recover, the general rule is the more serious the bite the greater the potential recovery. Glastonbury has a law that generally allows recovery for medical bills, pain and suffering, permanent scarring, and any future medical treatment or surgery that may be required.

Precautions for Dealing with Dogs

One of the most effective ways of avoiding dog bites is to use common sense. If a person does not know the dog or does not usually spend time with the dog, they should exercise caution when approaching it. It is typically safer to assume that all dogs are dangerous until proven otherwise. This means asking permission from an owner before petting an unknown dog. If a person feels that a dog might be aggressive or is behaving in a nervous manner, they should keep their distance.

Furthermore, an individual should refrain from assuming that simply because a dog is out in public or not restrain on private property that they are friendly. Some owners fail to train their dogs properly or do not gauge their dog’s temperament accurately and take them out in public anyway. Someone who suffered a dog bite because of a negligent owner should consult with a reliable dog bite attorney. A lawyer could assess how Glastonbury dog bite injuries may be treated in court and work to develop a comprehensive legal strategy.

Types of Dog Bite Injuries

Some examples of the injuries that a person could sustain from being attacked by a dog are puncture wounds from smaller dogs, infections, permanent scarring, nerve damage, and muscle atrophy. In some cases, people could even lose fingers, depending on if the bite is especially aggressive and forceful. Often if the bite is very large, as is the case of some larger dogs, plastic surgery may be necessary to restore the skin to its original condition. This process could take a year or more after the bite and the initial stitches or surgery. It could be a long healing process. Dogs commonly bite young children – often resulting in facial injuries.

Potential Recovery Options Following a Vicious Dog Assault

A person who suffers Glastonbury dog bite wounds may be eligible for various recovery options. The law is clear that any medical treatment, any antibiotics, hospital stays, surgeries, or plastic surgery as a result of the dog is typically going to be covered. Furthermore, medical bills may not be the only damages recovered. A person may also file for pain and suffering. This type of damage is largely applied when dog bites happen to children, as it could be severely traumatizing.

Contact a Qualified Attorney About Dog Bite Injuries in Glastonbury

Glastonbury dog bite injuries could leave a person severely wounded and traumatized. If you or a family member suffered such an experience, contact a compassionate dog bite lawyer. An attorney who understands the dangers that a dog bite may pose to someone could work to identify a negligent party and hold them accountable for the injuries sustained. Call today and schedule an appointment to begin discussing your potential legal options.


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