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While some dogs can be sweet, tolerant companions, others do not behave well when they feel threatened or are in the presence of strangers. If a dog injures you or a loved one, you might be entitled to Glastonbury dog bite damages from the owner. Speak with an experienced dog bite attorney to discuss your case and your right to compensation.

Types of Dog Bite Compensation

The various kinds of damages a person could receive in a Glastonbury dog bite case are the same as in other personal injury cases. Damages fall into two categories: economic and non-economic damages. The economic damages are hard losses like medical bills, medical treatment, surgery, x-rays, antibiotics, and time lost from work. Non-economic damages are some of the more difficult damages like the pain and suffering for what the injured person has been through. This includes the pain of the medical treatment or any surgeries they may have had or need to have and any future medical treatment the plaintiff needs at the time of settlement or trial.

Compensation and Severity of the Injury

The potential damages depend on the type or severity of the injury that was sustained. There is a difference between puncture wounds that result in infection and someone losing a part of their body that gives them permanent losses. Each civil claim could result in extremely different amounts of compensation.

The presence of multiple injuries could increase the potential for compensation, depending on how significant the injuries are. The more injuries that someone has the more compensation they are likely entitled.

The purpose of tort law is to put a person back in the position they would be in if the injury or if the damage had not occurred. If someone is more seriously injured or permanently injured in some cases, the law says that they should be awarded more money to put that person back in their original condition. A skilled attorney could evaluate an injured victims case and help them determine their Glastonbury dog bite compensation.

At-Fault Plaintiff

In dog bite cases, courts take comparative negligence into account when calculating a plaintiff’s damages. Any portion of fault on the part of the plaintiff impacts the potential for compensation. In Connecticut, if someone is teasing, tormenting, or abusing the dog, they may be barred from recovering entirely. A seasoned lawyer could review a claimant’s situation to identify if the victim played any part in their injuries and how this may impact their potential damages.

Essential Information About Compensation in Dog Bite Cases

Regarding compensation in Glastonbury dog bite cases, everyone should know that insurance companies may make lower offers than usual because they may want to convince the victim that it is less of an injury than maybe a car accident or other serious incident. Dog bites could be just as serious, or even more severe, than other kinds of personal injuries and should be equally compensated.

Speak with an Attorney to Discuss Glastonbury Dog Bite Damages

Personal injury claims can help injured victims recover many types of compensation for the costs associated with their injuries. Depending on the severity of the attack, dog bite injuries can lead to serious medical expenses and pain and suffering costs If a dog attacked you and caused you harm, you should consult with a compassionate lawyer to explore your Glastonbury dog bite damages.


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