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When a person is bitten or attacked by a dog, they may suffer severe injuries that require extensive medical treatment. Since these types of incidents are unexpected, an injured individual may not have the financial stability to address the costs. A person who has suffered such injuries may want to consider filing a lawsuit against the reckless owner of the dog, as they may be liable for damages. To better inform their case, an injured individual is encouraged to learn about how comparative negligence in Glastonbury dog bite cases might impact their lawsuit. If you or a loved one was attacked by a dangerous dog, contact an experienced dog bite lawyer to begin examining potential legal options and the different factors that may influence your case. Call today and schedule an appointment as soon as possible.

Potential Circumstances in a Dog Bite Case Where Comparative Negligence Might Apply

While Glastonbury operates under a strict liability statute in regards to dog bite cases, there is an exception that may increase the risk that the defense will make arguments for comparative negligence. In particular, comparative negligence could become an issue depending who an injured person is suing. For example, if a person files a lawsuit against a landlord, the standard comparative negligence law typically would apply.

It is common for a landowner who fails to remove a dangerous or vicious dog from their property to face lawsuits of negligence upon subsequent reports of dog bite incidents. However, and in such a case, if the injured person was more responsible than the property owner, for instance, 51 percent or more, they would typically not be able to recover. If they were less responsible, the verdict that is awarded generally would be reduced by the percentage the jury found them to be responsible. A skilled attorney who is experienced in fighting comparative negligence claims in Glastonbury dog bite cases could advocate on an injured person’s behalf and work to establish another individual’s liability.

Importance of Evidence Following a Dog Bite

Someone who has been bitten by a dog should speak with a qualified dog bite lawyer. They could assist in collecting evidence to help support their claim that they were attacked by a dog. This may include searching for surveillance camera video footage, obtaining a copy of a police report, or interviewing eyewitnesses. Additionally, an injured individual could request documentation from the treating physician to help corroborate their claims. An attorney who is familiar with dog bite cases could work to establish a negligent party’s recklessness in court and help determine how comparative negligence in Glastonbury dog bite cases might influence a potential lawsuit.

Consult a Lawyer About Dog Bite Cases Influenced by Comparative Negligence in Glastonbury

If you sustained severe injuries following a dog bite incident, it may be highly advantageous to learn how comparative negligence in Glastonbury dog bite cases could impact your lawsuit. A dedicated attorney who understands dog bite cases could review the factors that may have contributed to your injuries and fight tirelessly to hold a negligent party accountable. Call and set up a time to start determining your best legal options.


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