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If someone injured in a serious accident has no idea what happened, a lawyer may need to take more investigative measures when building a case. They may work backward and gather evidence that clarifies what happened and who the person was. Additionally, an attorney may look at the injured party’s online accounts, interview those who knew them, talk with family members, and go to their house and where they worked. Overall, it is the role of a Glastonbury catastrophic injury attorney to build a case if an individual cannot otherwise do so themselves.

How a Catastrophic Injury Attorney Helps Incapacitated Claimants

Incapacitation is when somebody is unable to make decisions for themselves or adequately assess information to make rational decisions. A person who is incapacitated may be in a coma, or they may be unable to speak. Other times, the person may be extremely confused, and they may not understand the implications of signing certain documents.

Individuals who are incapacitated may not understand their statements, or they may not be able to decide or consent to medical care. Other times, this state may be fleeting, as in some moments they have some ability to do those things but not all the time. In general, it is a broad spectrum of what is legally considered capacity and incapacity. Therefore, it is ultimately the role of a Glastonbury lawyer and the Connecticut probate court to determine if an individual is incapacitated in catastrophic injury case.

If a person is incapacitated and the need to obtain legal counsel is immediate, a probate action may be filed. This action allows another person to have temporary guardianship or conservatorship over an individual so they can have legal authority to engage a lawyer in the case. However, when someone is catastrophically injured, loved ones can always reach out to an attorney.

Communicating with a Lawyer

One of the main jobs of an attorney in a Glastonbury catastrophic injury case is to be accessible to claimants. Attorneys make it accessible for claimants to communicate in various ways if they are incapacitated. If they are able, an injured party may call or text.  Additionally, lawyers often come to the hospital or care facility to meet them for an in-person consultation. A good personal injury law firm should be able to handle almost any limitation that a potential claimant has.

Learn More About the Role of a Catastrophic Injury Attorney in Glastonbury

Attorneys work to help those who have suffered catastrophic injuries by dealing with a lot of medical and personal issues related to their accident. One of the initial steps an attorney should take is dealing with the insurance company. Additionally, a lawyer makes the necessary assessments and works through legal challenges to secure their future.

Injured individuals should have a trustworthy attorney who has experience handling catastrophic cases to ensure that that they receive full compensation. It is important that when someone is looking for personal injury attorney, they find a legal representative that has tried cases themselves. This is because the resources that have to be devoted to a catastrophic injury case are often more significant than other claims. To learn more about the role of a Glastonbury catastrophic injury attorney and how they could help you, call today.


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