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A unique aspect of catastrophic injury cases is proof of damages. An attorney must be able to demonstrate what the claimant’s future needs may look like in terms of medical and living expenses with their long-term or permanent injury. Therefore, a legal team may use experts who can help tell them this information, and all the factors that could make a case unique. If you need help assessing your Glastonbury catastrophic injury damages, you should reach out to a legal professional who could discuss your options based on your situation.

The Assessment of Damages in a Serious Injury Claim

A Glastonbury attorney’s approach to assessment of damages in a catastrophic injury case by looking at the totality of the claimant’s losses. They rely on experts to help project future expenses as best as possible. Additionally, an attorney may ask a variety of questions to determine how much compensation an injured party may be entitled to. They may ask:

  • What will the bills look like in the future?
  • Is this person going to be able to run in 10 years?
  • Are they going to need to stay at home care in 20 years?
  • Has their life expectancy been cut shorter?
  • Are they exposed to future risks of anesthesia in surgery that could result in death?

How Could an Attorney Assist in Calculating Damages?

To help a claimant obtain the compensation necessary to live comfortably, a lawyer may attempt to find all the insurance policies available and the potential parties who may be liable. Additionally, they may document the losses through a combination of experts, such as life care planners, occupational therapists, neuropsychologists, and neurologists, to present a picture of the person’s future.

Damages in a TBI Case

In Glastonbury, some of the most common types of damages associated with traumatic brain injury cases are headaches initially, but also memory loss, confusion, and loss of word recall. The severity in which an individual suffers memory loss varies depending on the injury. In general, however, the more severe the head injury, the higher the compensation a claimant is likely to receive.

Damages that are especially unique in TBI cases are vocational losses. An attorney may try to determine if a claimant will be able to continue functioning at a level that allows them to move up in their career. If the answer is no, this could influence the amount in compensation that a plaintiff may be able to receive.

Is Catastrophic Injury Compensation Tied to Employment?

The ability to maintain gainful employment does not play a role when determining whether an injury is deemed catastrophic. While it does not play a role, most people who sustain catastrophic injuries also may suffer some loss of employment. Sometimes it is for a matter of days, weeks, or months of lost time from work. Other times, a catastrophic injury could mean a permanent loss of employment. A Glastonbury attorney may consider a catastrophic injury claimant’s loss of employment as a factor when evaluating their potential damages.

Let a Glastonbury Attorney Pursue Damages in Your Catastrophic Injury Case

An experienced attorney can provide a lot of help by taking tasks off the family’s plate and preserving evidence in the case so it can be fully prosecuted. They also have a network of resources, such as treating doctors and social workers, who can often help make a difference when evaluating what a case is worth.

When somebody is healing from a severe injury, they may not necessarily understand the difficulties that they are going to be facing, not only now but a few months or years down the road, and that is something that a caring legal team can help an individual handle. For more information about Glastonbury catastrophic injury damages, call today.


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