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If you suffered burn injuries in an accident caused by another party, you might be entitled to compensation. To recover damages, liability must be determined. Fortunately, a dedicated lawyer who is experienced with establishing negligence in Glastonbury burn injury cases could help you recover the compensation you deserve. Reach out to a seasoned burn injury attorney today and get started on your case.

Preparing a Burn Injury Case

When preparing a burn injury case, an attorney will begin by listening to the claimant to understand their side of the story. Then the lawyer will answer their questions and consult with them. The attorney will want to look at the evidence and consult with the victim’s doctors to see what the medical treatment is, what the prognosis is, and to obtain all the medical records.

Evidence in Burn Injury Cases

Gathering and preserving evidence is crucial when it comes to establishing negligence in Glastonbury burn injury cases. The qualifying evidence in a burn injury case will be pictures, medical records, videos, witness statements, and opinions from doctors. An experienced attorney will be methodical and diligent in making sure they get all the evidence and records that they need.

How Can Evidence be Obtained?

Evidence is the proof of the theory, so if someone says something happened, evidence would be proof of it. This type of evidence can be obtained through testimony under oath, records, images, or testimony of others, whatever is necessary to prove a case.

The claimant can let their legal representation know where the evidence is and what it might be, and whom to talk to.

What is Modified Comparative Negligence?

Glastonbury burn injury cases operate under modified comparative negligence law. This means that a person could still recover compensation if they are determined to be partially at fault for the accident. For example, if the victim is 25% negligent for the accident and their claim is worth $40,000, they will recover $30,000. However, if the claimant is determined to be 51% or more liable, they cannot recover any damages.

The exception to this law is if the person was injured in the scope of their employment or in a product liability case. For more information about modified comparative negligence, consult with our team.

Call a Glastonbury Lawyer About Establishing Negligence in a Burn Injury Case

A catastrophic injury claim can help a claimant suffering from a burn injury obtain long-term compensation by arranging a structured settlement that would pay out over several years. Burns can be of significant value, so insurance companies will try to avoid paying money any way they can. Fortunately, a well-versed attorney could fight for the injured victim and help them recover the compensation that they deserve.

A person seeking advice following a burn injury should look for a law firm that has experience and good reviews. They should look for lawyers who have the resources and the financial wherewithal to prosecute the cases, which can be complex.

Call our team today about establishing negligence in Glastonbury burn injury cases and how an attorney could help you.


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