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A car accident can occur in many different ways and places. Some roads may be busier than others and this could potentially impact a person’s accident. If you were injured in a collision on a main road, consider speaking with a dedicated Glastonbury major roadway accident lawyer. A proactive car accident attorney could assist by advocating on your behalf and work to establish another party’s negligence in court. Call today and arrange for a time to begin assessing your legal options.

Common Fact Patterns Surrounding Major Road Collisions

While all car accidents are different, there are some common factors that may surround main road accidents. Drivers frequently zone out or do not pay attention to the often fast-changing environments of the roadway. Texting or talking on the phone may also significantly reduce a driver’s ability to pay attention. Distractions through mobile devices commonly result in severe injury collisions, especially in cases of abrupt stops and rear-end accidents. Motorists also are tempted to speed through major roadways. However, collisions at high speeds generally create bigger accidents with more extensive property damage and injuries. Additionally, the faster a person is traveling down a road the less time they may have to react to a shift in traffic pattern. This shorter reaction time could also heavily contribute to an accident’s likelihood.

Potential Dangers Posed by Major Roads

Main roads are typically busier than other streets. The many motorists that travel on these roads may increase the chance for someone to suffer an accident purely from a statistic standpoint. In Glastonbury, the most common roadway is Route 2. While Route 2 is one of the major roads, it is also relatively dangerous as its winding and narrow two-lanes make it susceptible to collisions. The dangers that the roadway presents is worsened by vehicles traveling at high speeds and a lot of merging caused by several sharp on-ramps and off-ramps.

What Are Some Unique Hazards of Route 2 in Glastonbury?

Route 2 has a very limited shoulder. This could make assessing damage and injuries following an accident on Route 2 more difficult, as options for finding a safe location to check may be limited. Furthermore, there are many trees alongside the roadway on Route 2. As a result, it is common for cars and trucks who get forced off the road to hit trees. Such a collision between a motor vehicle and a tree could produce severe, if not deadly injuries. A Glastonbury major road way accident attorney can help motorists who are hurt on these dangerous highways.

What Are the First Steps to Consider After an Accident?

Someone who has been involved in a car accident on Route 2 or another major road, should attempt to contact the police immediately and request medical assistance. In some cases, a person may not feel injured right away, however, they may still be severely injured. For example, if a person suffered internal bleeding or a traumatic brain injury, the symptoms could develop gradually. Failure to treat these injuries in a timely manner could exacerbate a person’s condition and reduce their ability to recover successfully.

Delays in reporting injuries may also cause issues between an injured individual and an insurance company. The insurance company may try to claim that their injuries were not caused by the accident and attempt to deny coverage. Regardless of the circumstances of a person’s accident, a knowledgeable major roadway accident attorney in Glastonbury could fiercely advocate on an injured person’s behalf and fight to help them receive fair compensation from a negligent party.

Contact a Glastonbury Major Roadway Accident Attorney

While an accident may occur anywhere, a driver on a major road often has a higher chance of experiencing a collision. If you or a loved one were injured due to another person’s recklessness on a main road, consult a professional Glastonbury major roadway accident lawyer to start reviewing your legal options. An attorney who understands how major roadways may impact a person’s car accident case could help an injured person fight for fair compensation. Reach out today and set up a time to begin considering potentially effective legal strategies.


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