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There are many different factors that may contribute to why a car accident occurred. However, some scenarios may take place more frequently than others. Someone who has suffered severe injuries and property damage following an auto wreck should learn about the common causes of Glastonbury car accidents. If you or a loved one experienced such a collision, reach out to a qualified car accident attorney to start assessing potential legal strategies that may be applicable to your case. Call today and schedule an appointment.

What Are Some Factors That Frequently Lead to a Car Crash?

The number one cause of car accidents in Glastonbury is people not paying attention. They are taking their eyes off the road or thinking about something else. This lack of mindfulness and attention to the shifting roadway commonly results in an auto collision. Additionally, drivers frequently exceed speed limits and disobey traffic signals. Negligent drivers may also operate while intoxicated or drive the wrong way on a street. These reckless actions are only some of the common causes of Glastonbury car accidents. A reliable attorney who understands auto collisions could listen to any questions an injured person might have and work to identify an effective legal strategy.

Operating While Intoxicated

Unfortunately, drunk driving is relatively common. In most intoxicated driving cases, the driver typically will be arrested and have their license suspended. They generally will also go through a criminal process and a civil process depending on the injured party’s decision to pursue damages. In the civil process, drunk driving is commonly referred to as reckless driving. Furthermore, if a person is intoxicated at the time they allegedly caused the crashed, they may be subjected to double or treble damages. When double or treble damages are applied to a case, this often means that the injured party could receive two or three times the amount of damages that a jury may award.

Excessive Speed on the Roadway

A case may be impacted when an accident is the result of speeding. However, it often depends on how excessively the driver is going over the speed limit. For example, if a driver was operating one mile per hour over the speed limit it is generally not as egregious as someone driving 50 or 60 miles per hour over the speed limit. Depending on the exact speed, a person may be charged with reckless driving. This could make an accused individual potentially vulnerable to paying two or three times the amount of a verdict or a settlement.

How Can Disobeying Traffic Signals Cause a Car Wreck?

Unfortunately, cases where people run stop signs and red lights can result in some of the worst collisions. There are often two vehicles traveling at full speed or close to full speed. These collisions commonly result in rollovers if one vehicle strikes another a certain way. They can also commonly result in injuries such as tears of muscles and rotator cuff tears, as well as, cervical injuries to the neck.

Driving the Wrong Way

Driving in the wrong direction cases are often fatal or result in catastrophic injuries. This type of accident frequently takes place on the highway. While intoxicated driving is an extremely common reason, a driver could also have experienced a medical emergency or fallen asleep at the wheel.

Consult a Lawyer About the Common Causes of Car Accidents in Glastonbury

Regardless of how your collision happened, if you or a loved one suffered injuries and property damage due to another negligent driver, contact a dedicated auto accident attorney. There are many common causes of Glastonbury car accidents and a diligent lawyer could help you understand how your case might be influenced. Call today and set up an appointment.


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