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It is legitimate to expect that if someone invites you onto their property, that person has ensured that it is safe. All property owners have a legal obligation to maintain their premises and to fix any dangerous conditions that may occur. This duty of care helps avoid accidents on someone’s property that could injure any visitors.

Therefore, those hurt while on another’s property may have the right to sue any property owner who fails to meet these standards. An East Hartford premises liability lawyer could help you recover financial compensation through a lawsuit if you got hurt while visiting another person’s property. A seasoned personal injury attorney also could handle any legal complications while you focus on your recovery. En Español.

Duties Owned by Property Owners

If a property owner opens up their premises to others for social or business purposes, this individual owes some legal duty to their visitors. Proprietors have a few specific obligations. First, these individuals must routinely inspect their properties, looking for dangers or hazards that could injure others.

Additionally, property owners must fix any hazard promptly or block them to warn visitors of its presence. In some situations, a property owner may have a heightened duty to protect children against attractive nuisances, like swimming pools, to avoid any harm coming to them.

It is also important to note that a proprietor’s obligation is toward invited guests is different from those you trespass on to their property. Determining the defendant’s specific obligations to the injured claimant and the reasonableness of the owner’s efforts at making their property safe are critical questions that evidence must address. An attorney in East Hartford, who is familiar with the state’s premises liability laws, could help an injured person find the answers to these questions.

Types of Dangers that Result in Premises Liability Cases

The dangers or hazardous conditions that property owners should look may not always be immediately apparent. The more unusual or unique the dangerous condition, the less likely it is for the property owner to be held responsible for injuries attributable to it. Dangers such as spills, unsafe objects on the ground, icy sidewalks, and other conditions are all hazards for which someone could be liable. Illness attributable to black mold also may be a dangerous condition for which someone could sue a property owner, but this claim could be more difficult to prove because this hazard is not as obvious. An East Hartford lawyer could review a premises liability case and determine if a person has a viable claim.

Call an East Hartford Premises Liability Attorney

The legal complexities of premises liability cases can be difficult to handle without a seasoned attorney. Therefore, reach out to an East Hartford premises liability lawyer if you or a loved one suffered an injury while visiting another person’s home or business. You may discover that you have a right to receive monetary compensation for any medical bills or other losses you incurred. To get started on your case, schedule an initial consultation today.


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