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Car wrecks can leave you with extensive injuries, property damage, medical bills, long-term rehabilitation, and other costs that interfere greatly with your life. When these losses are a result of another party’s negligence, you could be entitled to monetary damages.

Damages are available in injury cases to compensate individuals for losses caused by someone else. If you or someone you love is suffering after a vehicle crash, do not hesitate to contact a seasoned auto accident lawyer. An experienced attorney could help you understand the East Hartford car accident damages that are available to you and work with you to pursue the payments you need.

Types of Damages Available in a Car Accident Case

The main types of damages involved in an auto wreck case are economic and non-economic damages. Auto insurance typically covers non-economic and economic damages.

Economic damages are those that are easily quantifiable, such as medical bills, lost wages, out-of-pocket expenses, or copays. Non-economic damages are things that one cannot necessarily quantify by bills, receipts, or pay stubs. Instead, these damages refer to things such as pain and suffering and loss of enjoyment of life. A knowledgeable East Hartford attorney could help an individual calculate the damages amount that they need after a car collision.

When are Punitive Damages Available?

In certain cases, certain additional damages known as punitive damages might be an option. Punitive damages are designed to punish a defendant, so they usually are for extreme and outrageous conduct that may go beyond what non-economic and economic damages may cover.

Punitive damages are generally available in cases where the at-fault driver behaves egregiously and puts others in danger, such as drunk or distracted driving cases. In Connecticut, punitive damages may be a multiplier of either two or three times the combined economic and non-economic damages. It can be difficult to obtain punitive damages in court, so it is crucial to work with an attorney who understands the complexities of these cases and could work to persuade the judge and jury of a defendant’s recklessness.

An Attorney’s Role in Recovering Damages after a Vehicle Wreck

An attorney will play a big role in helping to recover damages because unfortunately, insurance companies do not pay claims until they are forced to. Attorneys with the ability to file suits, establish their witnesses, obtain documents, and fight tirelessly can help enable somebody who has been hurt to recover fully and fairly for their damages.

The first thing an attorney does is speak with the injured party, try to understand what happened, and assess how the accident has had an impact on the individual. Second, an attorney could investigate the claim, examine medical records and police reports, and speak with witnesses. Then, an attorney could evaluate the claim, look at its strengths and weaknesses, discuss it, and then try to make demands on the insurance company to resolve the case. If a fair settlement cannot be reached with insurers, a seasoned East Hartford attorney could file a personal injury lawsuit to seek the compensation that the injured party deserves.

Learn More About Potential East Hartford Car Accident Damages Today

If you are suffering after a car wreck caused by someone else, do not wait to get legal help. A dedicated attorney could help you understand the East Hartford car accident damages that you are entitled to and work with you to pursue a positive resolution to your case. Schedule a consultation with a compassionate member of our legal team today to learn more about your options following a vehicle crash.


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