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Williams v. State

The plaintiff brought this action against the defendant to recover damages for personal injuries sustained as a result of the defendant’s alleged negligence. The plaintiff was injured as a result of a motor vehicle collision involving Terrance Lynch, an employee for the Department of Transportation. The accident occurred when Lynch was operating a department vehicle while repairing potholes on a highway. While the plaintiff was traveling on the highway, she crested a hill where the defendant’s vehicle was stationed to perform repairs. The plaintiff and another vehicle, which was roughly one car’s space in front of her, both swerved to avoid colliding with the defendant’s vehicle. As a result, the plaintiff hit a guardrail, became airborne, and struck Lynch’s vehicle. The plaintiff suffered severe injuries, some of which were permanent. The plaintiff claims that her injuries were caused by negligence of Lynch, who was the defendant’s employee, and the Department of Transportation can therefore be held liable pursuant to §52-556 which allows a plaintiff to bring an action against the state for the negligence of their employees.


Connecticut Trial Firm, LLC

Connecticut Trial Firm, LLC