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Robles v. West Avenue Dental

The plaintiff brought this action seeking damages for injuries suffered in the form of emotional distress as a result of the defendants’ alleged negligence which allowed for the plaintiff to be subjected to repeated instances of sexual harassment. The defendant is the plaintiff’s former employer. The plaintiff alleged that the defendants were negligent in their supervision of one of the plaintiff’s coworkers. The plaintiff alleged that her coworker repeatedly sexually harassed her over an extended period of time. The jury returned a verdict in favor of the plaintiff on her claim of negligent supervision but awarded her $0 in damages. Prior to the jury’s verdict, the court announced to both parties, with objection from either party, that it would review the jury’s verdict. Upon review of the jury’s verdict, the trial court found that the trial court determined that there were inconsistencies in the jury’s finding of negligence on the part of the defendants and their subsequent award of damages in the amount of $0.