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Blinn v. Sindwani

The plaintiff brought this action forward seeking damages against the defendant for negligence relating to personal injuries sustained in a car accident. The plaintiff contends that the car accident has caused him to suffer “mental anguish and exacerbated preexisting conditions of anxiety and depression.” During trial, evidence was presented regarding the plaintiff’s mental health treatments from a mental health provider from who the plaintiff received treatment in the years following the accident. Contained within the records presented was information about past misconduct on the part of the plaintiff. Such misconduct included a conviction for driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, allegations of involvement in an additional car accident, and a motor vehicle citation. The plaintiff subsequently filed a motion in limine wherein he sought to preclude the convictions and citation related to prior misconduct from being presented as evidence to the jury. The defendant objected to the plaintiff’s motion and the trial court sustained the defendant’s objection.