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Wrongful Death Settlement

Type of Case:
Motorcycle Accident
Injuries Sustain:
Catastrophic injuries resulting in death
Initial Offer:
Final Resolution:
CT Trial Firm Difference:
$2 Million
Case Description:
Wrongful Death

Case Details

Our client was killed while riding a motorcycle when a car pulled in front of him. The defendant was arrested and liability was not in question. When someone causes harm, the law requires that person to pay fair value to the victim. However, the insurance company’s initial offer was $250,000, which we believed placed an unreasonably low value on our client’s life.


We filed a lawsuit and prepared for trial. We took depositions and conducted focus groups and made it clear to the insurance company that we were not going to settle for less than fair value. We were prepared to pick a jury and ask them to place a reasonable value on the case.


On the eve of trial, the insurance company offered our client $2.25 million to withdraw the case against their insured.


Connecticut Trial Firm, LLC

Connecticut Trial Firm, LLC