Why bLAWg? To Learn

Why bLAWg?

Reason 1: To learn.

One of my favorite professors used to say, “when you write it, you learn it.”

As a lawyer, there is a lot to learn. A lot of what law school teaches you is to learn about how to learn about law.

Connecticut’s laws change everyday and keeping on top of those changes is part of being a lawyer.

Lawyers spend a lot of time reading.

For example, I research legal issues for clients.

I also spend a lot of time reading just to keep up with the law.

Every week, I read case reporters which highlight recent court decisions. If a decision is relevant to my practice, I often log into westlaw and read the case. These cases often find there way into blog entries.

My inbox is always filled with periodicals and publications. Everyday, I read and receive professional journals, magazines, and newspapers.

I read legislative reporters and the Hartford Courant to keep on top of what is happening at the State House. I go onto the legislature’s website and read bills if pending legislation is relevant to my practice and clients.

I also read blogs from both here in Connecticut and around the country.

I find that blogging about Connecticut law helps me learn and keep on top of Connecticut law. Instead of passively reading cases or articles, writing about them helps me to learn and retain information.

Art Doyle is the professor I mentioned earlier in this entry. Dr. Doyle was a physics professor at Framingham State College. He became Vice President of the College and was a major proponent of technology in the classroom and spent a great deal of time concerned with the “digital divide” between wealthy and poor students.  His life was tragically cut short by a car accident in August of 2002.

So, in honor of Dr. Doyle: “when I blog it, I learn it.”


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