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An Idea for Attorneys Looking for a Job in Connecticut

I’ve been as down on this economy as anyone. For anyone that’s paying attention – it’s hard not to be.

Then this morning happened.

As I was tying my tie – I was listening to Warren Buffett on CNBC. If there’s a podcast of this interview it’s well worth downloading. Buffett strikes me as honest, credible, and sensible.  I think there’s something about the midwest that does this to a person.

Buffett ever the optimist said the best investment one can make is in their skills. Whether the environment is inflationary or deflationary – skills hold their value.  Bingo.

Above the Law chronicles the pain being felt in the legal profession.  Just last week, Wiggin and Dana laid off attorneys and those won’t be the last law firm layoffs in Connecticut.

I’ll borrow from Buffet and say that if you’re looking for a law job then you need to sharpen your skills. If you worked for a big firm’s litigation department and suddenly find yourself unemployed then you should consider taking a pro bono case to get in the courtroom. Family and housing cases provide excellent opportunities for lawyers to get in the trenches and really litigate a case.

Consider enrolling at Solo Practice University.

Invest in more than sending your resume out.

Invest in your skills.


Connecticut Trial Firm, LLC

Connecticut Trial Firm, LLC