Personal Injury Results

Personal Injury

Every case is different. We put our heart and soul into our cases. Every case is different. Past results don’t guarantee future outcomes. Here are some of our results :

Wrongful Death Case – They offered $250,000. We aggressively prosecuted the case using top experts, cutting edge focus groups, and grit. They settled for 2.25 million 6 weeks before trial.

Wrongful Death Case – Involving a pedestrian. Our client was alleged to have been at fault. We investigated and prosecuted the action resulting in a settlement they won’t let us talk about.

Rear End Car Accident – Client had approximately 40k in medical costs. Mostly chiropractic care. They offered 50k before suit. We methodically learned and developed our clients story. Case settled for $300,000 just 2 months before trial.

Drunk Driving Case – Client rear ended by a drunk driver. They offered $34,000. After giving the defense a preview of what was to come at trial – they settled for $125,000 at mediation.

Dog Bite Verdict – Obtained a $125,000 verdict after a morning of trial for a client who was bitten by a dog.

Car Wreck Verdict – Served as co-counsel and obtained a jury verdict that was 50% more than the defense was offering prior to the start of jury selection. Case was tried over 3 days.

Concussion Case – Client injured in a car wreck. Suffered injuries to her head. We took an aggressive position by doing the necessary work to secure a prejudgment attachment and they paid the policy limits of $20,000 before we had the chance to file court papers.

We have litigated hundreds of cases taking many to verdict. Every case is different and past results are not predictive of future results. We only take meritorious cases and fully prepare all of our cases for trial. This approach helps us secure fair results for our clients as the defense knows we are prepared and often settles before trial.

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