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  • Domenick

    Attorney Garza is an exceptional professional. Both my wife and I have used his services and we found him to be forthright, knowledgeable of the area of interest, empathetic, an very accommodating. Attorney Garza represented my wife in a Workers Comp case, and me in a personal injury case. We visited his office initially to discuss the issues and take down the facts of the case. We were apprised of our position(s) and rights and what would take place after the case was taken and the process initiated. This was an efficient, and quick process. Attorney Garza was comfortable utilizing email, in person, and telephone discussions and notification of case progress. My wife and I highly recommend Attorney Garza for you legal needs. We are very comfortable in recommending him.

  • Client

    He was amazing! Attorney Andrew Garza took care of everything that involved my case, and even went above and beyond. From updating me constantly (even if there was nothing new to tell), meeting with me before everything to keep me on the same page, to just regular check up calls from his desk directly, just to check on how I was doing!

  • Client

    Attorney Garza was definitely the most fantastic Attorney, and all around human being I could have ever asked for in handling my Workers Compensation case. I had a run in with an injury at work, and after multiple attempts of trying to work directly with the insurance company myself, I kept getting tossed around. That’s when I decided to GET GARZA!!!!

  • Amanda

    I was involved in a motor vehicle accident and originally did not have a lawyer. After dealing with the insurance companies, I decided my best course of action was to find a lawyer, and thus came into contact with Andrew. Attorney Andrew Garza provided me with advice and handled my case in a way that involved minimal stress and worry on my part. He consistently kept me updated on how my case was going and made sure to explain everything well. I would recommend Attorney Andrew Garza to others and he will be my first choice if I need an lawyer in the future.

  • Denise

    My first impression of Andrew Garza was he is very professional. He was extremely knowledgeable in my case. He also kept me informed at all times when anything happened or needed to be done as soon as possible. I would call him in a heartbeat if I needed his expertise again. I would also recommend him to my family and friends if in need of his knowledge and professional areas that he specializes in.

  • Cameron

    Andrew Garza, esq, was a professional in every sense of the word. He helped me understand my options when I was involved in a hit and run motorcycle accident. He worked with my insurance company on my behalf to make sure all of my medical bills were covered and that I received a fair settlement. Attorney Garza was very punctual in responding to any questions I had and was very proactive in reaching out to let me know where we were in the process. I would recommend Attorney Garza without any hesitation to anyone who is in need.

  • Client

    I have counseled with Attorney Garza in regards to different matters that required legal guidance. In every instance he has been extremely resourceful, responsive to the needs involving the matter at hand, and knowledgeable.

  • Mary

    Ryan was straightforward, down to earth and willing to do whatever he needed to get the job done. Not only is he knowledgeable, but he does not become intimidated by other attorneys’ tactics and attempts at intimidation. He did the job fast and efficiently. I would not hesitate to use Atty. McKeen’s legal services again. He will cut through all the extraneous details to get to the heart of the matter and do what he needs to do to get you the results you need.

  • Jen

    Ryan has helped me with two situations – a personal injury case and a real estate closing. He was always honest and aboveboard, responded promptly to my messages, knew how the situations should be handled, and has continued to follow up after everything has been settled.

  • Greg

    I contacted Andrew the day after I had my motor vehicle accident; I was angry, confused and in pain. Andrew talked with me quietly and patiently and reassured me. He quickly returned all of my calls, and informed me of the progress of my case every step of the way! When a required deposition took place with an attorney that wasn’t necessarily “on my side”, Andrew talked to me before the deposition to put me at ease. I found it easy to send the letters, bills, and other documents to Andrew’s attention via his email. When it came time to accept or reject settlement offers, Andrew allowed me the time to speak to my wife and get back to him. When an initial offer came forth, Andrew told us we were completely free to accept or reject the offer but in his opinion it was insufficient. This turned out to be a very good piece of advice, because the final offer was several times greater than what was initially offered! The settlement check came more quickly than I expected when we agreed on their offer and was for more money than expected as he was able to convince my medical providers to accept less money than they were demanding. When I came to hifice to pick up the check I found his office in a nice area of Hartford and Andrew explained, in a private quiet setting, the settlement received, how he had satisfied my creditors, and gave me the much needed check. I am grateful I made the decision to let Andrew handle my legal concerns in this matter and will do so the next time anything should come up. Thank you Andrew, again, for being there when I needed you.

  • Client

    I have worked with many lawyers in my career so I have a large comparison set for judgment. Ryan McKeen truly ranks as one of the best…He was generous with his time, exceedingly fair with his billing and gave us confidence in the process. He is as straight forward and honest as they come. And will go the extra mile to help his clients. My family and I feel very fortunate to have worked with Ryan.

  • Client

    When it came time to settle, he puts his own feelings and paycheck aside, and didn’t care about the final dollar in his pocket. His main concern was that the CLIENT gets what the CLIENT deserves. His advise has led me to a settlement that was perfect for my situation, and he definitely leaves no stone unturned. I felt so much safer and better with Attorney Garza on my side.

  • Jackie

    Ryan not only got what I believe was a very good settlement on a very complex case, but he did so in a way that was respectful and non-stressful for me. I felt in good hands the whole time, treated as important, my concerns taken seriously, and kept in the loop. I respect Ryan’s experience, tactics, willingness to go to bat for me…

  • Shantal

    I am so grateful to have met Mr. Garza. He was warm, kind, understanding and very polite. I had a unique case in which he was not familiar with the procedures and the timeframe given was not enough to get caught up and he was completely honest with me. He let me know up front that he doesn’t feel comfortable representing me without adequate time to do research for my appearance in court which was commendable. While he was not able to assist me with my case, Andrew, considering he offers free consultation, went out of his way to find me an attorney with more experience handling my case and that he felt was competent enough to guide me in the right direction. I would refer him without even thinking about it and any legal issues come my way I would call him first!!! Thank you Mr. Garza!!!

  • CL Properties

    He “gets the job done” and is very good at what he does.

    CL Properties
  • Cindy

    I can not recommend Ryan McKeen enough. He is smart, thorough, and incredibly responsive..

  • Johnnabeth

    I want to thank Attorney Andrew Garza for the excellent job he did on my case. Attorney Garza went beyond what I expected him to do. He always kept me informed on what was going on with my case. I would highly recommend him and would trust him with any legal matter that I will have in the future. If there is any lawyer that will stand firm for his client it is Attorney Andrew Garza. Thank you again for all your help and hard work.

  • Kristen

    Ryan handled the wrongful death suit related to my dad’s death in a motor vehicle accident. When we were trying to decide which lawyer to go with, he was the only lawyer that took a real interest in us as people, and did the research before we even told him that we had selected him. All through the case, lasting in total almost 3 years, he catered to our family, always sensitive to our loss and our emotional needs. He was tireless in fighting to give us peace, working non-stop with the state troopers, private detectives, mechanics, accident reconstructionist, doctors, and various other experts to foresee and anticipate all eventualities and ensure a successful case. Today I am very pleased with our selection and I stand sure that my dad would have been too.

  • Matt

    After meeting Andrew we knew he would always be honest and up front. We felt he fully listened to our situation, our concerns and needs, without putting any pressure on us. Through the whole process, even though I’m an impatient individual, he always took the time to keep us updated and informed. We were very glad we ended up choosing Andrew.

  • Victories

    Obtained a $103,000 verdict after a court trial on behalf of a victim of domestic violence.

  • Victories

    Dog bite.
    Obtained a $125,000 verdict after a morning of trial for a client who was bitten by a dog.

  • Victories

    Pedestrian wrongful death case.
    Pedestrian death. Our client was alleged to have been at fault. We investigated and prosecuted the action resulting in a settlement they won’t let us talk about.

  • Victories

    Wrongful death case.
    Obtained a $2.25M settlement on behalf of the estate of a decedent killed by a commercial vehicle.


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